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Lounge Pricelist
Lounge use - Per entry
Adult S$30.00 per 5 hours
Child 6 to 12 years S$15.00 per 5 hours
Child 5 years and below Complimentary
Inclusive of basic toiletries S$8.00 per person
3 Hours Nap Room use S$30.00 per 3 hours
Extension 1 hour S$8.00   per hour
Extension 2 hours S$15.00 per 2 hours
Inclusive of attire and shower S$20.00 (Unlimited)
Gym S$13.00 (Unlimited)
Refresh and Replenish S$50.00
3 hours Nap and 2 hours Lounge Use  
Work It!
Inclusive of Gym Attire and 2 hours Lounge Use S$30.00
Without Gym Attire and 2 hours Lounge Use S$23.00
Hair Services - Men Short & Medium Long Hair & Above
Wash & Blow S$19.00 S$29.00
Wash & Cut S$31.00 S$36.00
Hair Services - Ladies Short & Medium Long Hair & Above
Wash & Styling S$31.00 S$36.00   & Above
Wash & Cut & Blow S$39.00 S$45.00   & Above
Hair Setting S$35.00 S$40.00   & Above
Hair Colour S$110.00 S$165.00 & Above
Highlight S$127.00 S$150.00 & Above
Perm S$100.00 S$140.00 & Above
Hair Straightening S$100.00 S$135.00 & Above
Hair Rebonding S$190.00 S$230.00 & Above
Hair Treatment S$73.00 S$96.00   & Above
Emergency Treatment S$120.00 S$165.00
Fringe Cut S$15.00 S$15.00
Massage Services
Massage 60 minutes (complimentary shower) S$76.00
Massage 45 minutes S$63.00
Massage 30 minutes S$39.00
Massage 15 minutes S$24.00
Foot Reflexology 60 minutes S$76.00
Foot Reflexology 45 minutes S$63.00
Foot Reflexology 30 minutes S$39.00
Acqua Massage - 30 min S$25.00
Acqua Massage - 15 min S$15.00
Nail Services
Manicure S$29.00
Pedicure S$36.00
Manicure & Pedicure S$56.00
Re-polish (Nail) S$14.00
Paraffin Hand Treatment S$40.00
Paraffin Foot Treatment S$50.00
Facial and waxing services available
Above Rates are subject to - 10% Service Charges & - Prevailing GST 7% .
Rates are quoted in Singapore Dollars .
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